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Renters Insurance in Michigan

Many renters underestimate the value of their belongings. The landlord insurance policy covers the building but does not cover your personal belongings. What would happen if one of the following events occurred?

  • Your apartment burns down
  • There is vandalism in your apartment
  • A guest injured himself in your apartment
  • The rented home suffered water damage

At Premier Insurance Agency in Michigan, we offer reliable renters insurance that covers but is not limited to;

Personal property

If you take into consideration all the things that you own, be it electronics, furniture, clothing, books, or musical instruments, you will realize how precious these things are to you. Your belongings can be damaged, stolen, or destroyed. You will be at peace knowing that your personal belongings are covered, and in case of an insured event occurring, you will be indemnified.

Liability claims

You may need serious repairs for your rented home whether it is located in Detroit, MI or the rural farm areas of the state. Accidents can occur, and visitors may become injured at your rented home. Some of them may get to the point of filing a lawsuit against you. This insurance will possibly cover the medical bills and the cost of the lawsuit.

Temporary housing

Your rented home may become uninhabitable. You and your family may need a temporary place to stay. We will cover the cost of the hotel you will stay at as repairs are being done to your home. It can also cover meal cost.

Protect your car

Regular car insurance does not cover personal property in case your car is burglarized. This policy covers personal belongings. This is an odd insurance benefit from renters insurance and should be inquired on with one of our agents for further explanation.

Having renters insurance does not prevent an event from occurring, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected if an insured event does occur.

At Premier Insurance Agency in Michigan, we will be happy to offer assistance on renters insurance. We help people acquire insurance policies that meet their specific needs and requirements for rental properties in Detroit, MI and throughout the state. Visit one of our 11 locations in Michigan and have your questions answered by our professional staff. We can help you get started with renters insurance before disaster strikes.