Why Condo Insurance is an Asset

Do you have a condo in Detroit, MI? Have you invested in condo insurance? Whether you reside in your condo or use it for vacation, you need to invest in condo insurance. Yes, you may be contributing to the condo owners association (COA) policy, but you still need condo insurance. The COA policy covers liabilities in common areas and damages to the exterior of your building — for liabilities and damages inside your condo, that’s your headache. And that’s why you need condo insurance. Otherwise, you may incur expensive out-of-pocket expenses when the unexpected occurs.

Still not convinced that condo insurance is a worthwhile investment? Purchasing condo insurance from Premier Insurance Agency comes with the below benefits:

  • Liability protection: Suppose your pet bites a guest or someone trips on the staircase inside your condo, dislocating their hip. While these accidents are unintentional, you could be held responsible for the medical expenses. Worse yet, you can be sued, worsening your financial position. But guess what? You don’t have to worry about liability claims if you have condo insurance.
  • Personal assets protection: What’s the value of your personal assets? You probably have no idea because it’s long before you came up with a home inventory. When you take stock of the things inside your condo, you will realize that they are pretty valuable. For this reason, you need to invest in condo insurance to protect your assets from perils like fire, theft, and other risks listed in your policy document.
  • Loss of use coverage: When a peril listed in your policy renders your condo uninhabitable, you may have to look for a temporary shelter in a hotel. Luckily, condo insurance can cover additional living expenses, including accommodation, food, and laundry, until your condo becomes livable again.

Need condo insurance in Detroit, MI? Please get in touch with Premier Insurance Agency for an affordable condo insurance quote.