Umbrella Insurance and Why It Should Be Considered

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Also known as excess liability insurance, an umbrella insurance policy will pay money owed in the event you are sued for damages that may surpass the limits of liability of your existing homeowners, condo, renters, boat, or auto policy. This type of policy can even cover slander and libel. Here are three reasons this policy should be considered from Premier Insurance Agency in Detroit, MI. 


  • You may be sued due to an automobile accident — An umbrella liability policy will provide additional coverage that will go into effect after the limitations of your existing insurance policy have been exceeded in the event you are found liable. 
  • Your family pet causes an injury to a visitor or neighbor — While the vast majority of dog owners can claim their pets are well behaved, unfortunately, there are times when a pet can surprise their owners by acting out and potentially injuring a visitor or neighbor which may result in hefty medical bills or even being sued.
  • Your current policy does not cover bodily injury — According to the National Safety Council, approximately 4.57 million people suffered serious injuries resulting from automobile accidents in 2017, which resulted in costs totaling $413.8 billion. In the event, you are found to be negligent, or at fault for causing damage or personal injury, an umbrella insurance policy can provide the sufficient coverage that will assist with paying costs associated with this type of liability. 

What is Not Covered?

Liabilities relating to business, criminal behavior, contractual agreements, and recreational vehicles are just a few of the scenarios not covered by an umbrella policy. Contact an agent at the Premier Insurance Agency in Detroit, MI today to discuss adding an umbrella insurance policy.