Do I Need Umbrella Insurance for My Large Assets?

If you have a home or other large assets, an umbrella insurance policy can help you protect them. Don’t let a major lawsuit or unforeseeable tragedy threaten your family’s way of life. Keep reading to learn more about how umbrella insurance works and feel free to reach out to your Premier Insurance Agency in Detroit, MI for more information.

Umbrella Insurance

Most insurance only covers one thing. However, umbrella insurance is an additional coverage over and above your primary auto, home, or other policies. So, your regular policy continues to cover theft and damage. Your auto insurance provides liability protection in the event of an accident. An umbrella policy is there to cover costs that exceed your regular policy. This protects you against losing your car, boat, RV, and other valuable assets.

What’s Covered

  • Bodily Injury. Umbrella insurance kicks in once your regular insurance limit is exceeded. For example, if someone is disabled and can no longer work after an accident you cause, umbrella insurance has you covered.
  • Property Damage. For example, if you cause a multi-car crash, the damages may exceed the limit of your auto insurance policy. Then, umbrella insurance would pay up to the additional coverage you’ve purchased.
  • Legal Fees. Umbrella insurance covers your legal fees and court costs in case of a judgment against you.
  • Other Protection. Covers you against lawsuits for libel, slander, and other lawsuits.

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Don’t let one accident or lawsuit put your home or savings at risk. Contact your Premier Insurance Agency representative in Detroit, MI to find out how umbrella insurance can help you protect your family against losses above your regular coverage amounts. Feel free to set up an appointment today to review your coverage and to receive a quote.