Why Do You Need Boat Insurance?

If you’re in Michigan, having boat insurance is not a must. However, this does not mean that boat insurance is not important. If you are an avid boater, you’ll be making a huge mistake by ignoring this coverage.

Due to Michigan’s proximity to the Great Lakes, many people enjoy going into the waters using boats. However, boating is not a risk-free exercise. Accidents are likely to happen, and property can be damaged.

In light of the risks that come with boating and owning a boat, every boat owner in Detroit, MI, needs to know why boat insurance is necessary.

If you haven’t found a reason for purchasing boat insurance, Premier Insurance Agency is here to help you understand why it’s necessary.

Why is Boat Insurance Necessary?

If you acquired your boat through financing, you need to protect it with comprehensive and collision coverage. Your lender will want to know that their money is safe until you’ve cleared the payment.

Boat insurance might also be a requirement in some harbors and marinas. You’ll need to show liability coverage before you get a storage space.

The role of boat insurance is to protect you financially from any liability that may result from causing bodily injuries or property damage while boating. It will also protect your boat against damage or loss.

Like other insurance policies, you can opt for additional protection, such as underinsured/uninsured.

In summary, boat insurance will protect you against:

  • Damages and injuries to other
  • Uncontrolled events such as theft, fire, and weather
  • Collision with other boats or capsizing
  • Damage caused by underinsured/uninsured boater
  • Passenger medical expenses

You can also get total loss replacement of your boat and replacement of personal items lost from your boat.

Purchase Boat Insurance Today

Detroit, MI, is one of the areas with the largest concentration of boaters. However, not everyone likes the idea of purchasing boat insurance, and it’s a costly mistake.

You need to protect your asset at all costs by having sufficient insurance coverage.

If you’ve no idea how to go about purchasing boat insurance, Premier Insurance Agency is ready to help you out. Contact us today for every piece of information you need to know about this coverage.