Condo Insurance Vs. Association Insurance

Condo ownership is, in many ways, much trickier than a typical homeowner situation, even when you take the homeowner association into account. When you are part of a condo association, there is a co-ownership arrangement in place. A homeowner owns their home, but also has responsibilities and obligations to the HOA. But, the property is one hundred percent theirs. With a condo association, ownership is shared on connected units, carports, swimming pools and so on.

In Detroit, MI condos are a great way to own a home without buying a house and dealing with the complications that go along with that. But it can be confusing to deal with the insurance issues faced by condo owners when you call Premier Insurance Agency and they ask what you need covered. Essentially it comes down to this: The condo association is responsible for the building, and the fees that you pay for membership in that association cover the building itself. The insurance policy that you buy on your own covers everything inside your unit. This means that if there is, say, a burglary, then the condo association’s insurance fixes the window, but your policy covers the stolen Blu-ray player.

There are other specifics that vary from association to association, but generally speaking, this is what it comes down to. Inside = your responsibility, outside = their responsibility. Simple enough, right? The good news is that this means that your responsibility is much smaller when you call Premier Insurance Agency than it would be if you were a conventional homeowner. For all the complications condo ownership brings with it, some parts are actually simpler.