3 Tips to Protect Your Boat During Storage

In Detroit, MI, the winters can bring extreme cold and heavy snow. Protecting your boat while it is in storage is just as important as maintaining it while you have it out on the water. At Premier Insurance Agency, agents are always willing to offer tips and suggestions on ways you can protect your boat and other watercraft while they are tucked away in storage.

Winterize the Engine

Winterizing the engine removes excess water from the lines and protects the engine and fuel lines from freezing or being damaged by the freezing temperatures. Making sure areas are well-lubed and greased is also important if you want to keep all of the parts in good working order.

Put a Cover on It

Putting a cover on your boat will prevent animals from damaging the seats and other components. It will also prevent damage caused by falling debris such as tree limbs, bird droppings, and other airborne debris. Covers can be tied down or heat sealed to keep the inside fully protected.

Store it Inside if Possible

If you live near a boat storage facility that will rent you space for your boat, utilize it. Many of these buildings are temperature controlled and are monitored by security companies. This protects your boat from vandals while keeping it in a secure and safe environment.

At Premier Insurance Agency, the agents look forward to helping Detroit, MI residents keep their boats safe throughout the year. If you have questions about storing your boat or what type of insurance you need, call and schedule an appointment with us today. We are ready to answer your questions and make sure you have the right policy in place to fully protect all of your watercraft.