4 Ways Umbrella Insurance Can Bring You A Sense of Security

All insurance policies have a specific list of items they cover. Premier Insurance Agency in Detroit, MI can help you customize your umbrella insurance contract. You have four reasons to consider this type of coverage.

Additional auto liability coverage

Your auto policy has limits. Adding an umbrella policy could help you pay for expenses not met by your original automobile accident coverage. It often fills in the gaps or covers the difference beyond what your auto insurance does.

For use in case of a guest accident

If you like having social gatherings and family get-togethers at your house, you might benefit from umbrella insurance. It could cover a variety of incidences, including some that might require medical attention depending on the policy you choose. It might pay for cases not covered under your homeowner’s policy.

Funding in case of a lawsuit

Any unexpected accident or situation could wipe you out financially if you don’t have enough insurance to cover it. This includes any case awarded against you in court that might cost you more than your salary. It’s always best to take the extra coverage when you can get it.

Extra coverage for children or pets

You never know where you are or where you will be with your children or pets when an incident you’re not prepared for takes place. It could prevent you from suffering financial ruin that could occur if you were underinsured for medical, property, or other expenses.

Trying to understand even the basics of an umbrella insurance policy may require some assistance. Contact a Premier Insurance Agency representative in Detroit, MI anytime to discuss coverage options suitable in your situation.

3 Ways to Protect Yourself From Shoplifting

Small businesses are often the hardest hit when it comes to shoplifting. This may be because the person doesn’t believe the business has any protective measures in place or because they simply believe that it is an easy target. At Premier Insurance Agency, the agents are there to serve businesses throughout the Detroit, MI area who are concerned with shoplifting and other business-related risks.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can provide you with the eyes you need to watch all the corners of your store at once. You can choose a system that you monitor yourself or you can have a professional monitoring service handle the job for you.

Put High Dollar Items in a Case

Another way to reduce the risk of loss associated with shoplifting is to put all of your high dollar items in a locked case. Clear cases can be purchased that allow the customer to look at the merchandise but in order to buy it, they must talk to a cashier. The item is retrieved and given to the person once they have checked out and paid for their items.

Interact With Your Customers As Much As Possible 

It’s hard for someone to shoplift if they are engaging in conversation. Be nice. Be friendly. Don’t stalk them but let them know you are willing to help if they need anything.

In Detroit, MI, business owners understand that it is up to them to protect their livelihood from shoplifters. The agents at Premier Insurance Agency are always close by to answer questions and find the solutions that are needed to reduce potential risks and improve the overall bottom line. Call and schedule a consultation today!

Insurance with a Classic Car

Historical interest has helped make classic cars something to search for as many people enjoy such significant collectibles.  Restorations and upkeep are often the focus for owners with classics and insurance is right up there as a priority with the appreciating valuations.  Cars can be classics as foreign-built or American which provide nice opportunities for owners searching for a classic they can purchase.  Serving the Detroit, MI area, Premier Insurance Agency is able to answer your questions about insurance for classic cars. Discussions may include plans for the classic with an estimated value.  

Classic car restorations are a focus for many people and the industry is only growing stronger with its appreciation for classics.  Restorations are getting simpler with technology offering ways to find classic car parts and accessories with easier shipping.  Original parts are often rare and valuable for many makes and models of classic cars.  Any type of restorations or upkeep can often help the car appreciate in value.  New paint can often be one of the best for any car restoration efforts. In Detroit, MI, many owners have restored a classic car to more of the original style.  Others choose some higher-end improvements with more aftermarket parts. 

There are many opportunities for owners with classics that look good. This may include car shows, community events, or car club involvement.  Many people find this enjoyable and also a nice way to learn more about classics and restoration plans. Whether you decide on a stock or modified classic, an experienced insurance company is available to discuss options for your new purchase. At Premier Insurance Agency, we are familiar with classics and you can contact their office or visit our website. You can enjoy that classic and feel comfortable with your planning for insurance.

Who Should Consider Purchasing Recreational Insurance?

There are many forms of insurance available to consumers, including recreational insurance that is designed to cover either a recreational vehicle or even protect you while you are on vacation. If you are planning to take time to enjoy an excursion, whether it be with the assistance of recreational craft or even purchasing transportation and lodging, there are insurance products available to cover you from losses. 

Recreational Insurance 

If you have vehicles such as ATVs or jet skis, you can purchase recreational vehicle insurance to protect them in the event of a covered loss. Additionally, you can also use this type of insurance to cover an RV while you enjoy the open road. Another way recreation insurance can protect you is to cover your expenses related to vacation. You never know when the unexpected can occur, and with recreation insurance, you can get the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your time away from daily life. 

Getting Assistance With Recreation Insurance

Most people are not familiar with the terms and conditions related to recreation insurance, which is why you need the help of a knowledgeable insurance agent. They can discover what your individual needs may be and then offer recreation insurance products that match your situation. If you are shopping for recreation insurance, you should work with a reputable, established agency like Premier Insurance Agency serving the residents of Detroit, MI.

Don’t take chances with recreational vehicles or vacation plans. There can be an unforeseen event that can create loss which can be avoided with the right insurance policy. If you live in the Detroit, MI area, you should call or stop by Premier Insurance Agency and learn more about what recreation insurance can do for you. 

Important Coverages to Obtain When Buying Motor Home Insurance

Owning a motor home provides so much comfort and flexibility. You can go where you want when you want. A motor home has tons of great features, combining everything you get in both a vehicle, as well as a single-family home. Since you have a vehicle and house in one, you need to be sure insurance is adequate. The Premier Insurance Agency serving Detroit, MI helps to provide insight into common and important motor home insurance coverages.

Bodily Injury Liability

The bodily injury liability insurance protects you in the event of a covered accident. The protection is for you, as well as other insured drivers if someone is injured or killed in an accident you are found to be legally liable within.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP)

The personal injury protection coverage is important when you or your family members and passengers is in a covered accident and need medical care, rehab, and/or funeral expenses. The insurance coverage will kick in no matter who is at fault in the accident. Another name for this insurance is “no-fault” coverage.

Comprehensive and Collision

Comprehensive and collision coverage involves a motor home that gets in a covered accident. The coverages will kick in when the accident occurs from the motor home colliding with another vehicle or receiving an image from a falling object, fire, theft, flood, or some other type of covered loss.

Contents Coverage

You live in your motor home so contents are valuable. The contents coverage will cover property in your motor home when it is damaged or destroyed due to an act such as a fire or lightning.

The Premier Insurance Agency serving Detroit, MI can help shed light on motor home insurance coverage needs. When shopping for motor home insurance coverage, be sure you are comfortable with your level of protection.

How does liability coverage fit into your RV insurance policy?

Many RV owners feel secure with collision insurance to protect their campers without thinking about the benefits of a comprehensive policy. Whether your vehicle is towed or you drive it, there are many different RV policy options available to residents in the greater Detroit, MI area.  The team at Premier Insurance Agency is here to help you review all of your available options and determine which policy is most appropriate for your needs. If you are sleeping and entertaining in your RV, it may be time to consider bolstering your insurance coverage. 

Liability Insurance can protect you when you’re camping in your RV

One of the most important protections that liability insurance can provide is coverage if a problem occurs when your RV is parked. If you travel to National Parks during the summer or park your RV at your favorite RV park, you may want to take a closer look at this type of insurance. Many people like to entertain in their RVs and invite friends over for dinner or to enjoy the beauty of nature. Whenever you invite people over there is always a chance for a mishap occurring within or around your vehicle. Don’t be caught without liability insurance if you are spending a lot of time using your RV as a de facto home while on the road or vacation. A comprehensive RV policy can provide the protection you need and allow you to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest extent. 

Ready to learn more about all the coverage options that are available to RV owners in the greater Detroit, MI area? Call or stop by Premier Insurance Agency today and our can review your needs and help you find the right coverage for your RV needs.

3 ways to protect your motorcycle from theft

The agents at Premier Insurance Agency are experts when it comes to protecting their clients in Flint and Detroit, MI from financial loss. Motorcycle owners can look to their agents for sound tips when it comes to keeping their motorcycles safe and in good condition. With theft being a primary concern, the following will help you keep your motorcycle secure.

Always Keep Your Keys

Always keep your keys with you. Leaving your key in the ignition is an open invitation for someone to ride off into the sunset with your motorcycle. Turn off the engine and keep your keys in your pocket.

Park In a Well-Lit Area

At night, if you can’t park your bike in a garage, park it in a well-lit area. Thieves are less likely to mess with any type of vehicle that is in full view or is in an area where they can be easily seen and identified.

Never Walk Away From Your Bike While Is Running

Even though it might be tempting to just walk away for a few seconds, your bike can disappear in the blink of an eye, and you may not realize it until it’s too late. Don’t risk even a few seconds or take a few steps. Always be alert and turn your bike off.

If you live in the Flint or Detroit, MI area, talk to the agents at Premier Insurance Agency about how to protect your motorcycle from theft. We can offer many suggestions that will keep your bike safe and give you peace of mind in the process. Call to schedule your policy review as soon as possible to make sure you have the coverage you need.


3 Tips to Protect Your Boat During Storage

In Detroit, MI, the winters can bring extreme cold and heavy snow. Protecting your boat while it is in storage is just as important as maintaining it while you have it out on the water. At Premier Insurance Agency, agents are always willing to offer tips and suggestions on ways you can protect your boat and other watercraft while they are tucked away in storage.

Winterize the Engine

Winterizing the engine removes excess water from the lines and protects the engine and fuel lines from freezing or being damaged by the freezing temperatures. Making sure areas are well-lubed and greased is also important if you want to keep all of the parts in good working order.

Put a Cover on It

Putting a cover on your boat will prevent animals from damaging the seats and other components. It will also prevent damage caused by falling debris such as tree limbs, bird droppings, and other airborne debris. Covers can be tied down or heat sealed to keep the inside fully protected.

Store it Inside if Possible

If you live near a boat storage facility that will rent you space for your boat, utilize it. Many of these buildings are temperature controlled and are monitored by security companies. This protects your boat from vandals while keeping it in a secure and safe environment.

At Premier Insurance Agency, the agents look forward to helping Detroit, MI residents keep their boats safe throughout the year. If you have questions about storing your boat or what type of insurance you need, call and schedule an appointment with us today. We are ready to answer your questions and make sure you have the right policy in place to fully protect all of your watercraft.


Umbrella Insurance and Why It Should Be Considered

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Also known as excess liability insurance, an umbrella insurance policy will pay money owed in the event you are sued for damages that may surpass the limits of liability of your existing homeowners, condo, renters, boat, or auto policy. This type of policy can even cover slander and libel. Here are three reasons this policy should be considered from Premier Insurance Agency in Detroit, MI. 


  • You may be sued due to an automobile accident — An umbrella liability policy will provide additional coverage that will go into effect after the limitations of your existing insurance policy have been exceeded in the event you are found liable. 
  • Your family pet causes an injury to a visitor or neighbor — While the vast majority of dog owners can claim their pets are well behaved, unfortunately, there are times when a pet can surprise their owners by acting out and potentially injuring a visitor or neighbor which may result in hefty medical bills or even being sued.
  • Your current policy does not cover bodily injury — According to the National Safety Council, approximately 4.57 million people suffered serious injuries resulting from automobile accidents in 2017, which resulted in costs totaling $413.8 billion. In the event, you are found to be negligent, or at fault for causing damage or personal injury, an umbrella insurance policy can provide the sufficient coverage that will assist with paying costs associated with this type of liability. 

What is Not Covered?

Liabilities relating to business, criminal behavior, contractual agreements, and recreational vehicles are just a few of the scenarios not covered by an umbrella policy. Contact an agent at the Premier Insurance Agency in Detroit, MI today to discuss adding an umbrella insurance policy. 

Does Condo Insurance Cover Weather Damage?

For those that have a condo, condo insurance is a great way to protect your investment and make sure that if something does happen, there is a way to get it repaired and to start over essentially. That being said, condo insurance is not as comprehensive as home insurance but it does cover plenty of eventualities. For those that live in the Detroit, MI area, the agents with Premier Insurance Agency can help you to determine what coverage you need and just what your coverage is going to protect.

For the most part, condo insurance does cover the basics that a home policy would cover. Things like fire, break in and other damages are almost always covered as are basic storm damages. This does not mean things like hurricane damage or flooding damage, but basic damage from things like wind, thunderstorms, hail storms and even winter storms are almost always covered. These types of coverages are to make sure that your condo is going to be in tip-top shape even if storms come through.

These policies often cover basic storm damage as would a typical home policy but they may cover it in a lesser capacity and with a more restricted list of storm damages that you can claim. For the most part, if you are renting, you do not have to worry about this type of coverage or this type of repairs as this will fall to the owner of the condo to maintain. For those that live in the Detroit, MI area, the agents with Premier Insurance Agency can help you find the coverage that is going to protect you from all the pertinent storm damages that you may experience in your condo no matter what so you can always feel safe and covered.