Maintenance Checklist Before Traveling With Your RV

As the vacation season approaches quickly, you may have already planned a few RV trips. Before setting off on the road, you must complete a maintenance checklist. This ensures your safety and security when embarking on an epic adventure traversing across states. 

Oil Change

Changing the oil in your RV before your journey is critical, especially if it was last changed months ago before storing your vehicle. It’s important to allow fresh oil to cycle through the engine, enhancing its performance. 

Battery Check

If you haven’t replaced your battery for a while, it might be time to do so. Since warmer weather tends to wear down older batteries quicker, check your battery life. 

Tire Check

Knowing the state of your tires is essential before you embark on your RV trip. It’s important to examine the tread to determine whether your tires will last for your planned mileage or if they require replacement prior to your departure. Additionally, inspecting your tires can help identify any slow leaks that could become problematic later. 

Check Your Generator

Before reaching your destination and using your generator, make sure to test it while you’re still within easy reach of assistance. Run your generator for approximately six hours to verify that it powers all components in your RV effectively. 

While ticking off tasks on your maintenance checklist, do not forget to include RV insurance. Should you reside in the Detroit, MI area and seek a personalized quote, feel free to contact Premier Insurance Agency agents today.