Challenges of Commerical insurance

Running a business in Flint or Detroit, MI can be challenging. Between getting the job done, marketing to acquire clients, and choosing commercial insurance that takes care of your business needs, keeping the company afloat can be a struggle. Here are a few challenges to consider when dealing with your business and commercial insurance from Premier Insurance Agency.

Find a trusted advisor who:

  • Gives valuable options and advice
  • Is aggressive in addressing current and future insurance needs
  • Creates the proper insurance program for your business needs
  • Finds a current insurance program that is competitively priced in the current market for your business sector
  • Makes sure that risk management analysis has been conducted recently on your insurance exposures
  • Looks for and researches all the coverage options available and provides recommendations

Managing risk

  • A Risk Management Program should be competitive
  • You should be controlling your exposure to loss sources
  • Create a Contractual Risk Transfer Program in place to limit potential lawsuits
  • Choose a strong insurance company
  • Make sure the insurance company you and your agent choose has financial strength and strong claims-paying ability
  • Find a leader in your specific industry, so they understand your business that provides consistent delivery of valued and important services

Customized employee benefits

  • A cost-effective and comprehensive Employee Benefits Program
  • A benefits program that attracts and retains employees and is competitive within your industry
  • A broker who  keeps you informed of the recent changes in healthcare and  potential compliance matters

Protect personal assets by:

  • Assessing personal property and liability limits to protect your assets from loss
  • Going over a regular review your commercial insurance when workplace events take place


Contact Premier Insurance Agency serving the Flint and Detroit, MI area for assistance with determining what kind of coverage your company needs.