5 Tips to Prep Your Car for Michigan Snow Season

1. Maintenance & Fluids
Protect your engine against corrosion and freezing temperatures by ensuring a proper ratio of antifreeze. Keep washer fluid topped off for muddy snow. Ensure oil and other fluids are topped off and take your car in for regular service maintenance. It’s also essential to make sure your wipers and defrosters are in good working order. 

2. Winter & Tires
Winter driving puts a different strain on our tires, particularly in Detroit MI, where you may find yourself driving over frozen ruts in dirt roads or cruising over black ice concealed by recent snow. Winter tires not only provide better traction, but they also use unique compounds in their construction to resist hardening in cold weather. It’s also important to keep an eye on tire pressure over the winter as temperature changes can impact pressure. 

3. Safety Kit
Even the safest drivers sometimes experience accidents or road blockages due to inclement weather. Prepare ahead of time by keeping a safety kit packed and ready. This should include: 

  • Flares
  • Flashlight 
  • Non-perishable food and hydration
  • Spare, warm clothing
  • Extra antifreeze
  • Sandbag and shovel (for helping you out of a slick spot)
  • Jumper cables
  • A stocked first aid kit

4. Weather Emergency Tips
Keep a half-full gas tank. Why? It can prevent freeze-ups in your gas lines, but more importantly to your safety, if you become stranded due to weather, the extra gas can keep you warm long enough for help to reach you. Should you be reliant on the engine to stay warm, turn it on only long enough for the car to heat up, then off again to reduce CO2 poisoning. Stay with your car. 

5. Review Coverages
Fall is a perfect time to review your coverage. Contact Premier Insurance Agency today to make sure your vehicle has enough coverage for the winter ahead. Don’t wait for a deer hit or a winter storm to discover your comprehensive is lacking.