Getting the Most Out of Your Umbrella Insurance Policy

Umbrella insurance is a type of supplemental insurance that people with many assets carry in addition to other types of insurance. For instance, umbrella insurance will pay any additional amount if you’re sued after someone is injured on your property and your homeowners’ insurance has already paid the maximum, but there is still a balance. If you’re an umbrella insurance policyholder for the first time, you might not know everything there is to learn about this type of insurance. Here is an overview that explains how you can get the most out of your umbrella insurance policy. 

Be Sure You Have Adequate Coverage

Ensuring you have adequate automobile, homeowners, and umbrella insurance is important because it can keep you from being forced to pay for any damages out of pocket. How can you determine if your current amount of coverage is adequate? You need to take an inventory of all your assets and carefully evaluate their worth, one by one. Only then can you purchase adequate coverage. 

Consider Purchasing the Maximum Insurance Amount

Depending on your net worth and the value of your assets, you might want to consider purchasing the maximum when it comes to all insurance types. If a particularly costly incident occurs, you won’t be forced to pay for damages out of pocket. 

As you can see, following these tips can get the most out of your umbrella insurance and get more bang for your buck. If you’re in the Detroit, MI area, and you’re seeking a new insurance provider, give us a call at Premier Insurance Agency. We at Premier Insurance Agency are dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service, prices, and coverage for our customers, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Call us for a quote today, whether you’re in Detroit, MI, or live outside the city.