Can Classic Car Insurance Cover Exotic Vehicles?

For classic car owners in Detroit, MI, our qualified insurance agents at Premier Insurance Agency work to provide coverage options that consider the needs and wants that classic and exotic car owners may have. While every vehicle is essential, exotic and classic vehicles have a special place in their owners’ hearts for good reason.

After you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into upgrading or buying such a pricey vehicle, you want to ensure it’s protected from liability, theft, and other issues. If you’re an exotic vehicle owner, you may wonder if classic car insurance could provide more appropriate coverage than a standard auto insurance policy. Although every policy is different, we may be able to give you some general answers below.

Can Classic Car Insurance Cover Exotic Vehicles?

Even though specific terms and limits may vary from one classic car insurance policy to another, exotic vehicles are generally covered by most classic car insurance policies. There may be some stipulations on the policy that prevent certain exotic cars from being added to it. For example, if your exotic vehicle is your primary vehicle, you may not be able to get classic car coverage for it.

Additionally, coverage for replacing a stolen exotic vehicle may vary between policies, so it’s worth asking questions about the kinds of coverage that matter most to you before you decide to go with a specific policy. An antique, exotic car would almost certainly be covered by classic car insurance since it’s a classic car and has special considerations that regular auto insurance wouldn’t address.

For information on our classic car insurance, call Premier Insurance Agency in Detroit, MI, today! Whether you’re a classic or exotic car owner, we’re always happy to help.