What Does Recreational Insurance Cover?

Whether you like to have fun in the sun or play in the snow, you can enjoy many activities outdoors. Many of those activities involve recreational vehicles that you will want to protect with an adequate amount of the appropriate type of insurance policy. Our agents at the Premier Insurance Agency serving the Detroit, MI area stress the importance of having a recreational insurance policy in place so that you can have fun and peace of mind.

What is Recreational Insurance?

Recreational insurance, also known as leisure or specialty insurance, will provide you with coverage specifically designed to protect vehicles and equipment usually utilized for recreation, aka fun.

Types of Recreational Insurance

You can choose from several types of recreational insurance, depending on your preferences and situation.

Golf Cart Insurance

Many people enjoy a good game of golf. If you are one of those people, you will want to have recreational insurance on your golf cart. This will be very important if you have an accident in your golf cart or someone steals it from you.

ATV and Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

If you enjoy a fun and exciting ride on a four-wheeler or other ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or off-road vehicle, you should have a recreational insurance policy in place. You never know when an accident with possible injuries is going to happen, so you will want to be protected. This insurance will also help you if your ATV or off-road vehicle is stolen.

Snowmobile Insurance

If you love snowmobiling, you will have even more fun knowing that your snowmobile is covered if you have an accident. It will also help you with medical bills if anyone is injured or your snowmobile is stolen.

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